SMC#05 – Movie Logos

This 3D Total speed modelling entry is focused on creating Movie logos or posters. I entered twice for this one. Portal 2 had just been released so a Saul Bass homage seemed appropriate, and I couldn't miss an opportunity to model Bugs! The Bugs Bunny entry won second place.

SMC #04 – View from a window.

Another entry for 3D Total's speed modelling contest. This time the challenge was to model a view from a window in 120 minutes. Happily, this entry one first prize.

It’s Play Time – SMC #03

In this modelling challenge, run by 3D Total, the task was to create a toy in 90 minutes. I entered this one twice. Entry 1 - Snoopy Entry 2 - Big Trak

Fill Her Up – SMC #2

In this speed modelling contest, run by 3Dtotal, the challenge was to model a garage or petrol station in 120 minutes.

Interview with the creator of Minecraft, Markus (‘Notch’) Persson

As a games lecturer I have a sure-fire way to gauge the popularity of a new release: the attendance register. Interesting correlations occur when you cross reference student absence with game release dates. Out of a class of twenty - five away on November 21st, the release of Black Ops. Just two absent on November 24th for Gran Turisimo 5 - not bad for a PS3 exclusive. APBs launch day – oh ...

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Zeppelin Digital Paint – Day 1

This is one of my first attempts at a digital paint. It is far from finished but is helping me to sort out the details that I will need for the Eat3D Competition