I got an award!

I got a bronze award for my first entry into the New Speed Modelling Contest (SMC) at 3d total. Very pleased! Since entering this I have also entered a number of other competitions. I'll post the work here soon.

Zeppelin Digital Paint – Day 1

This is one of my first attempts at a digital paint. It is far from finished but is helping me to sort out the details that I will need for the Eat3D Competition

Concept thumbnail 1

This quick sketch shows the idea of the airship made inhabitable. There is a basic entrance on the ground floor, a second floor accessed from the tower on the rear and a lookout on the upper levels.


This is the inspiration for my eat3d Entry. This photograph is of the stress testing of Zeppelins during a nuclear blast. I am particularly drawn the shape the crashed ship forms. Almost folly like and a relic of a nuclear past, the silhouette  looks tower like and eminently inhabitable.

Reference images 1

This month I plan to enter the Eat3D small scene competition. This first image is obviously the  explosion of the Hindenberg. The initial idea for my scene is a crash site in the desert/wasteland, found and inhabited some years later by a family of drifters.